Take it to the streets

Rules & Regulations

  1. Take It To The Streets tournament will be run like it’s grass roots beginning, with no red or blue lines and no offsides or icing.
  2. Take It To The Street is designated as a 4 on 4 Tournament (3 out players plus one goalie on the rink at all times). A team may choose to use 4 out players instead of a goalie during anytime of the game. Players can substitute anytime while the play is on-going from their designated area only.
  3. Teams consist of minimum 4 and maximum 7 players on its roster. Roster changes may be acceptable prior to the team’s first game only, on discretion of Tournament Director.
  4. Based on information each team provided during registration (honour system), teams will be placed in the applicable division. Co-ed teams are designated to have one female player on the Rink at all times, and at least two females on the team’s roster.
  5. Before each game begins, each player must individually sign the score sheet.
  6. Teams can start /finish the game with only 3 players, however, if after 10 minutes from the start of the game, the team that does not have the correct number of players, the game will automatically be forfeit.
  7. During check-in, all players must provide Identification. (photo ID for players 16+, and birth certificates for players 15 and under). It is recommended that each player carry ID throughout the tournament as Tournament officials’ have the right to check. Any discrepancy, false information or unauthorized substitutions may be disqualified from the tournament on the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  8. When a goaltender covers the ball, the referee will blow his whistle; possession is given to the defending team behind the net and they have 5 seconds to put the ball into play. The other team must give the team (with the ball) 3 meters / 10 feet to advance the ball within a 5 seconds timeframe. Goaltenders are not allowed to cover the ball behind their own net, doing so will result in a penalty.
  1. The ball is out of bounds if the ball exits the playing surface into one of the player’s benches, adjacent rinks, or viewing area; the team that did not force the ball out (discretion of referee) receives the play where it left the playing surface. The team has 5 seconds to put into play, the other team must give the team (with the ball) 3 meters / 10 feet to advance the ball within a 5 seconds timeframe.
  2. If the ball goes out of bounds (over the back fencing) from the Offensive Team, possession is given to the defending team behind their net and have 5 seconds to put into play. The other team must give the team (with the ball) 3 meters / 10 feet to advance the ball within a 5 seconds timeframe.
  3. If the ball goes out of bounds (over the back fencing) from the Defensive Team possession is given to the offence team behind their net and have 5 seconds to put into play. The other team must give the team (with the ball) 3 meters / 10 feet to advance the ball within a 5 seconds timeframe.
  4. After a goal is scored, there is no face off; the team that scored the goal must return to their defensive side (over the center line) until the ball crosses the line, or unless the team with the ball does not advance over the center line within 10 seconds. Note: during the remaining 3 minutes of play, the team that just scored must still return to its defense side, however, after doing so may then advance immediately on the offensive team, (this is to avoid stalling and to intensify the final minutes of the game).
  1. Teams will receive a 2-minute warm-up before each game.
  2. Games consist of two – 15 minute halves, with the last remaining minute (of the second half) stop time. Teams receive a one minute break between halves).
  3. Each team will receive one, 30 second time-out per game.
  4. Games are played until time is up (30 minutes) or until one team wins by the mercy rule (leading by 10 goals in the second half).
  1. All penalties will be the result of a penalty shot, and are taken with the ball being placed at center ice according to breakaway type format. A major penalty will be immediately removed from that game and/or tournament.
    Ejection from the tournament will be the discretion of Tournament Officials. (see chart below minor/major penalties)
  2. Stalling Penalty called at the discretion of the official.
  3. Any player that gets penalized for three minor penalties during one game will be ejected from that game and the team will be forced to play the remainder of the game short-handed (i.e. 3-on-4). The player in question may be subject to more serious punishment (i.e. ejection from tournament).
    Note: the complete team may be asked to leave the tournament based on the actions of one team member.
  4. Slap shots are NOT allowed during any games; a penalty shot will be assessed. A Slap shot is defined as any shot that involves a wind up that begins above the shooter’s waist.
  5. Any team member can take the penalty shot.

Penalties (organized alphabetically within each of the 3 categories) punished more severely according to the discretion of the referee and/or tournament supervisor.

1. Boarding Minor Player uses any method to send an opponent forcefully into the fencings .
Major Vicious/Intent or the player receiving the hit becomes injured.
2. Body Checking Minor Player uses his body to forcefully hit another player.
Major Vicious/Intent.
3. Charging Major Player takes more than two steps to deliver a body check.
4. Elbowing Major Player uses his elbow to hit an opponent.
5. Fighting Major Player throws a gloved, or ungloved  (one punch)
5.1. Major Player is involved in a second fight (suspended the remainder of the tournament).
5.2. Major Player leaves the bench during altercation or is the third player involved.
5.3. Minor Player is deemed to be the instigator of a fight (served by teammate).
6. Holding Minor Player grabs and holds onto an opponent or his stick.
8. Interference Minor Player impedes the progess of an opponent who doesn’t have the ball.
8.1. Minor Player impedes a goalie’s ability to make a save.
9. Kneeing Minor Player uses his knee to hit an opponent.
Major Vicious/Intent or the player receiving the hit becomes injured.
10. Roughing Minor Player uses excessive pushing, shoving or body contact etc.
Major Vicious/Intent.
11. Slew Foot Minor Player uses his foot or leg to cause an opponent to fall.
12. Abuse of the Official Minor Player verbally abuses an official or breaks/throws a stick etc.
Major Player physically abuses, or attempts to intimidate an official in any way.
13. Delay of Game Minor Player purposely delays the game in any way.
13.1. Minor Ball shot over the fence or boards in defensive end (1 warning ) (2 warnings )
13.2. Minor Ball intentionally shot into either team’s bench when penalty killing (1 warning).
13.3. Minor Covering the ball with a hand or foot for more than 2 second.
13.4. Minor Goalie covers the ball behind the goal line while not contacting the crease.
13.5. Minor Goalie fails to play the ball after being instructed to do so by the referee.
14. Improper Equipment Minor Player fails to wear proper equipment. Player cannot play until resolved. (Younger DIv. Helmet with cage)
15. Penalty Shot Player breaks any rule to prevent a scoring chance on a breakaway.
Player covers the ball in the crease with a hand for more than 2 seconds.
16. Too Many Men Minor Team has more players than are permitted involved in the play.
17. Unsportsmanlike Minor Fan, Player, or Team acts in an unsportsmanlike manor.
18. Butt Ending Major Player jabs an opponent with the top (butt end) of his stick.
19. Cross Checking Minor Player uses two hands to hit an opponent with the shaft of his stick.
Major Vicious/Intent.
20. High Sticking Minor Player hits an opponent, or the ball, with his stick above crossbar height.
Major Vicious/Intent.
21. Hooking Minor Player uses his stick to hook an opponent or his stick.
22. Playing – Broken Stick Minor Player continues to play with a broken stick.
23. Slashing Minor Player uses his stick to hit an opponent or his stick below crossbar height.
Major Vicious/Intent.
24. Spearing Major Player jabs an opponent with the bottom (blade end) of his stick.
25. Tripping Minor Player uses his stick to cause an opponent to fall.
  1. If there is a tie at the end of the game, the teams will go into a 3 man shootout. Each team will choose 3 players, and be given one breakaway on the opposing goaltender. The team with the most goals at the end of the shootout will be declared the winner. If the score remains tied, the format will move to sudden death with the same three shooters in the same order, until a winner is declared.
  1. All players must bring their own equipment.
  2. Any type of stick can be used, however, if the stick is deemed dangerous (i.e. chipped, sharp, etc) the referee can at any time ask for the stick to be removed for the safety of all.
  3. Goalie pads cannot be wider than 13”. A team captain can request during any time for a Pad measurement. If pads are illegal, the pads are removed from the tournament, and a penalty shot is accessed. If the pads are legal, a penalty shot is assessed against the team who requested measurement, (for delay of game).
  4. All players (aged 15 and under) must have full face protection (helmet with cage / full shield).
  5. Take It To The Streets strongly recommends that each player bring their own gloves, , eye protection, helmet, jock, mouth guard and shin guards, however, is not mandatory.
  1. All players that have sustained an injury with the appearance of blood must leave the game immediately. Once treated, and there is no chance of contacting other players, the player may re-enter the game on the discretion of the official.
  2. It is the each team’s responsibility to check the master scoreboard for all updates of games, times, rinks and important information.
  3. Games may be shortened due to inclement weather or safety to players.

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Take It To The Streets with Canada’s favourite sport and support the kids. Show your true team colours; Canucks, Habs, Leafs or whoever your favorite team is. It’s time to get back to the root of hockey…on the street.

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