Take it to the streets


Volunteers are required to run a smooth and successful event; if you’re looking for your high school credits, this event will help collect your required hours.

Please fill out the form below if interested.

Volunteer Benefits:

Opportunity to meet some great people. All volunteers receive:

  • Take It To The Streets T-shirt
  • Food/Snacks during your time commitment
  • Chance to spend the day outdoors participating in a fun event while helping kids
  • Opportunity to collect volunteer hours and experience


Officials are vital to ensure a fair, fun and enjoy event. No experience is required to ref at “ Take It To The Streets” tournament. We welcome everyone with the passion for the game to referee for this fun and worthwhile event.

Officials are remunerated on an individual (per game) basis. They also receive complimentary food/snacks during their time commitment and a Take It To The Streets “Official” T-Shirt.

Please fill out the form below if interested.

Referee requirements:

  • At least 16 years of age;
  • Knowledge of how the game of hockey is played
  • Be able to exercise good judgment and recognize fair play
  • A great attitude towards this event and worthwhile cause

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2018 Tournament Cancelled

Tournament Date

Sevenoaks Shopping Centre
Abbotsford, BC (Click for map)

Take It To The Streets with Canada’s favourite sport and support the kids. Show your true team colours; Canucks, Habs, Leafs or whoever your favorite team is. It’s time to get back to the root of hockey…on the street.

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